The Westmount Group specializes in one of a kind furniture pieces and unique home environments.

The Westmount Group is a diverse team of crafts people led by Jeff Carter collaborating on the fabrication of your bespoke piece. Bringing the talents of many people together on one project we utilize the expertise of many. This approach permits us to undertake a wide range of projects.

As we continue to collaborate on more furniture projects there is a greater emphasas in the Group. When we take on your project Jeff Carter will take your project from concept to completion. The proces starts at the drawing table taking the rough sketches to a final shop drawing detailing the fabrication details. We then source the materials and prepare finish samples. Fabrication is done in our extensive workshop. If your project requires steel fabrication or other speciliazed skills we engage one of the numerous sub trades we consider to be a part of our group.

During recent months we collabrated with Italian Architect and designer Massimo Scolari on the fabrication of his glider wing. The wing was displayed at the Yale School of Architecture Gallery. It was then moved to Cooper Union in lower Manhattan.

We worked with designer Ian Kirby and ina Manzoni on a number of projects including the chef's table at Elm resturant in New Cannan CT.

The design for a dining room chair took about 12 months working with Ian Kiaby studios. We fabricated a full size model from Mr. Kirby's inital drawings. Then we refined reviewed and re-made the chair until it was ready for production.

We continue to build simple midcentury and modern kitchens with the look and feel of the kitchens imported from Italy and Spain.

Bring your concept to The Westmount Group where you will discover a full service shop, where we can make your concept a reality.

Please make your plans to visit the shop. To schedule an appointment please call 203-931-1033.

You can follow the progress of jobs on FaceBook, or read about my work on my Blog at


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We purchase all of our electricity from Community Energy, which produces electricty using wind and methane.